Pearl Earring Buying Guide

What to look for when purchasing a pair of pearl earrings?

The chart below shows a variety of pearl types that you will encounter while shopping for your pearl earrings so you want to be informed regarding the difference between these pearl types.

- You can start by deciding which color pearl that you would like as a first step in narrowing down your search. See the chart below for available colors in each pearl variety.

- Choose a size that fits the look that you are going for. For example because Akoya pearls come from smaller mollusks they are much smaller in size so you will never find a 12mm pair of Akoya studs, Akoya pearls typically only go up to about 10mm. Refer to chart below for available sizes.

- Have a budget. There is a pearl for every budget, if you don't have hundreds or thousands to spend you can get a fantastic pair of freshwater pearls that will be sure to impress. If you do have a generous budget and perhaps you are more of a collector then you could consider a South Sea pair of earrings. South Sea pearls are an iconic symbol of sophistication and prestige. Refer to the "How Expensive" column of the chart below to find a pearl type that fits your budget.

- What you see on our site does not represent our full inventory of pearls. We have very special pearls that we refrain from drilling until we receive a special request. If you are looking for a rare pair of earrings on a specific color or size but do not see them available on our site please contact us! We love exceeding expectations and have not met a pearl challenge that we can not fulfill.


Pearl Type Colors Available How Expensive Sizes Available


Freshwater Pearl Earrings

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Freshwater Pearls are available in  natural shades of Pink, Lavender, Peach, Pink, and White 


Most common pearl variety also the most affordable of all pearl types. Available from about $50-$300 for studs.

3-15mm in round to near round


Akoya Pearl Earrings

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Akoya Pearls are available in white and often have a rose overtone.


Second most affordable variety. Available for about $100 - $400 depending on size and quality.

2-10mm available


Tahitian Pearl Earrings

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Tahitian Pearls have a dark body color but come in a wide variety of vibrant overtones. Common Tahitian overtone colors are dark green, blue, pistachio green, and eggplant.


Tahitian Pearls have a wider range of price but they are typically more expensive than Akoya or Freshwater but often more affordable than South Sea. Tahitian pearl studs are available on average from about $300 - $1000 for a decent pair of earrings.

7-15mm available

Golden South Sea

Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings

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Golden South Sea pearls as their name suggests are gold in color. These pearls have a range from light gold or champaign to deep gold like 24k type color.


Golden South Sea pearls are the most rare of all pearl on this list and as such they demand a premium. Our selection of GSS pearl studs ranges from about $500 - $2000 depending on our stock but prices can go far north of $2000 for larger pearls with deeper color.

8-14mm available

White South Sea

White South Sea Pearl Earrings

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White South Sea pearls are white and have overtones of silver, blue, green and red.


White South Sea pearls are extremely rare in high qualities and like their golden counterpart demand a premium in the market. Our White South Sea pearls range from about $400 - $2,500 depending on our stock however these pearls can also fetch prices far north of $2,500 for larger fine quality pairs.

8-14mm available


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