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One of the great pleasures of my job is when I get feedback from customers. I got a great note the other day from a customer: She gave me good advice, asked lots of questions, and challenged me about pearl quality - suggesting that other just-as-good pearls could be had for better prices elsewhere.

Although you may think my first reaction was to debate her, to insist on our superior quality, to say that our pearls are better... it was not.

Yes, I know for sure that other pearls are available for less elsewhere. Yes, I know that others sell "AAA" pearls for less than we do. And yes, I also know really does sell the world's best pearls and that our pearls aren't comparable to others. I know that even our A-grade pearls trounce most folks' "AAA" every day of the week.

But that wasn't my response. My response was actually to talk about the emotional value of pearls and jewelry:

"In the end, the 'best' pearl is the one you are confident in and love and enjoy wearing. One of the great things about pearls is that much of their 'beauty' comes when you stride a little more confidently, hold your head a little higher and simply feel more confident, strong and beautiful wearing them. And that comes, truly, from when you "know it doesn't get any better" than your pearls. I'd sooner see you wearing a strand you were thrilled with than buying one from me and always second-guessing it..."

Folks, that is the 100% total truth. I -know- that the pearls we sell are the best of the best. I want you to buy our pearls KNOWING that "it doesn't get any better." And I know I owe it to you to convince you of that. But at the end of the day, if you're NOT convinced... go buy cheaper pearls somewhere else. If you're happy with them, then kudos! You did good!

But... if you feel like maybe your "AAA" pearls aren't simply the best without question... return them (please, please tell me you bought at a site that has an open-ended return policy like we do) and come back to where I know - for 100% sure - you can't get better!

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  • I came across your video regarding rudimentary tests for determining if your Pearls are real or fake. I have never purchased real pearls myself as I grew up in an age when pearls were viewed as a sign of wealth and entitlement. As years passed and elderly members off my family passed they often left me their jewelry as I had been making my own for a number of years and I, having outgrown the silly notion that certain types of “beads” in jewelry was an indication of entitlement, had often used expensive “fake” pearls in my jewelry. I guess the elderly ladies who told me wonderful stories from their childhoods and frequently offered unsolicited advice decided I should inherit or be given their pearls and I collected quite a number of sets of Pearls. Some had gold clasps that needed repair or they were strung on string that did not look secure enough to wear, so I restrung and wore the ones I could afford to repair and put the rest in a safe place. One day a friend told me that she had seen a jewelry shop that had a sign in the window that said the jeweler would do a quick evaluation of any jewelry brought in, but another friend said he was not as honest as he appeared and often took advantage of people’s ignorance. One friend and I made a deal to go in separately and while she browsed I brought them to the jeweler. He attended auctions and purchased estate sales and I asked what he would charge me to assess the quality or veracity of the pearls I had inherited. He told me that he did this for a living and he could tell me within minutes if the pearls were real or imitation and he told me that as pearls were a sign of status some very good imitations used to be made and sold for ladies of the upper middle class and he wouldn’t charge me for a quick examination with a disclaimer that any decision he came to was not binding. After examining at least 4 different sets of pearls, some with matching earrings, he informed me they were all imitations and he offered me a figure for the whole lot. I asked why he would purchase “good fakes” when he had a store full of estate jewelry and he said that some people still purchased them and he could cheaply restring those that needed it and make the necessary repairs to the clasps. Something struck me as off and I thanked him for his time and put the pearls back in their velvet or flannel bags and he started raising his price and I told him that as an amateur jewelry maker I would make use of these lovely fakes and use temporary clasps until I could afford to have the gold clasps repaired. For the longer set of pearls that he had spent more time on I told him I would buy good imitation black pearls and create a few different items from them. When he became angry at me for having wasted his time I was quite surprised and responded that he had told me that this was his line of business and never in our conversation had he indicated that a transaction would take place. My friend stepped in and reminded him that he had said he would do the evaluation for free. I never got around to taking the pearls apart, the small set I restrung and purchased an inexpensive clasp and put the old one aside and I wore them on a number of occasions. I was told by a few people that they looked quite real but having gone to the wrong person once I was not looking forward to the experience again. I used some of your tests and I discovered that the ones I had thought were really good fakes appear to be real, and the small set that I restrung according to your test are very real, a friend examined them under a microscope and found that they were not all perfectly round and they being the heaviest set given their size he thought they were real. Under your test they appear to be real and I will have the gold clasp repaired elsewhere. Thank you for taking the time to make a video that gives us at the very least a few tests to determine if pearls are real or fake. When I visit a larger city I will bring in the ones I believe to be real and have them evaluated and if they are worth money I will have them documented and insured if worth enough to make that a sound decision.

    Lucy Circe on

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