The Best Pearls

One of the great pleasures of my job is when I get feedback from customers. I got a great note the other day from a customer: She gave me good advice, asked lots of questions, and challenged me about pearl quality - suggesting that other just-as-good pearls could be had for better prices elsewhere.

Although you may think my first reaction was to debate her, to insist on our superior quality, to say that our pearls are better... it was not.

Yes, I know for sure that other pearls are available for less elsewhere. Yes, I know that others sell "AAA" pearls for less than we do. And yes, I also know really does sell the world's best pearls and that our pearls aren't comparable to others. I know that even our A-grade pearls trounce most folks' "AAA" every day of the week.

But that wasn't my response. My response was actually to talk about the emotional value of pearls and jewelry:

"In the end, the 'best' pearl is the one you are confident in and love and enjoy wearing. One of the great things about pearls is that much of their 'beauty' comes when you stride a little more confidently, hold your head a little higher and simply feel more confident, strong and beautiful wearing them. And that comes, truly, from when you "know it doesn't get any better" than your pearls. I'd sooner see you wearing a strand you were thrilled with than buying one from me and always second-guessing it..."

Folks, that is the 100% total truth. I -know- that the pearls we sell are the best of the best. I want you to buy our pearls KNOWING that "it doesn't get any better." And I know I owe it to you to convince you of that. But at the end of the day, if you're NOT convinced... go buy cheaper pearls somewhere else. If you're happy with them, then kudos! You did good!

But... if you feel like maybe your "AAA" pearls aren't simply the best without question... return them (please, please tell me you bought at a site that has an open-ended return policy like we do) and come back to where I know - for 100% sure - you can't get better!

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