Momento Pearl Jewelry by Galatea

World's first interactive NFC jewelry working with Phone 7 and other mobile phones.

Traditional lockets can hold a loved one's picture. But Momento jewelry can hold their voice. Though it looks like a traditional piece of pearl, gemstone or diamond jewelry, every pendant, earring or ring from the Momento Collection is embedded with an NFC (near field communication) chip that remains unseen to the naked eye. Using our Galatea app, a voice message can be recorded and played back whenever Momento Gem, Pearl or Diamond touches the enabled NFC mobile phone or other NFC devices. Images, texts and web links can also be uploaded and saved for posterity.

The Momento Collection is an incredible blend of traditional jewelry and technology, available only from Galatea: Jewelry by Artist.

Important Notice.

This technology is compatible with NFC enable Android Phones and Iphone 7 or newer. It 's does not work with Iphone  5 and 6 Iphone 5 and 6 which do not have NFC enable function.



#US 2016232439A1

#US 20160196487A


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