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Our AA quality is the equivalent to most companies highest grade of Akoya pearl due to the great care and meticulous nature of our selection and grading process. Our AAA quality pearls are selected from the top 1-3% of the pearls harvested annually. Our pearls are selected directly from the pearl farms with no middle men or additional markups ensuring that you will receive premium quality at the most competitive possible price.



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 Main Characteristics:

 The Akoya pearl is the original cultured pearl. The Akoya is referred to as the "classic" pearl and was the first of all pearl verities to be cultured and farmed. The oyster that is responsible for producing the Akoya pearl is known as the Pinctada Fucata. This species of oyster is smaller than all other pearl producing oysters which is why Akoya pearls are correspondingly smaller. Akoya's are prized for having luster that is typically superior to other verities of cultured pearl.


Akoya pearls are produced mainly in Japan with small production from Korea and China. Japan is the uncontested leader in terms of quality and consistency there for all Akoyas on Pearls.com are selected directly from Japan's premier pearl producers. Our buyers travel to Kobe Japan to select from the newly harvested crops multiple times each year.


Common colors of Akoya pearl have white body color with rose, silver, or grey overtone. Akoyas can also come in rare natural shades of blue, pink and even a gold tone. Black Akoy's have been color enhanced as black in not a natural color found in this verity of cultured pearl.


Akoya pearls are a salt-water verity of cultured pearl farmed primarily in the bays of southern Japan and as such they are more rare and valuable than freshwater pearl verities. Due to the difficulties inherent in saltwater ocean farming along with the fact that these oysters produce only one pearl at a time where as freshwater pearls produce up to 40-45 the availability of these gems is more limited driving market value upwards. 

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