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Main Characteristics:

Freshwater pearls come in an almost unlimited verity of shapes from symmetrical round to baroque and everything in-between. Due to their availability and affordable prices they are among the most popular of all pearl types for both designers and consumers alike. Each year we see exciting new innovations in freshwater pearl farming techniques yielding more and more impressive pearls. In recent years we have been collecting freshwater pearls with luster nearly comparable to Akoya's and orient similar to South Seas yet their value remains untouchable offering luxurious designs at affordable prices. 

Why Are Freshwater Pearls So Affordable?

It is not due to lack of beauty that these pearls are so affordable rather it is due to their availability. While Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls yield one pearl per oyster freshwater pearl mollusks can produce up to fifty pearls per harvest. Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls are all farmed in remote ocean regions, subject to all of the environmental hazards and predatory marine life that creates major difficulties in the production of pearls. Meanwhile freshwater pearls are farmed in man made lakes where all factors can be controlled.

What Colors, Shapes, & Sizes are Available?

Colors: The three most common natural colors that we find at the time of harvest are white, lavender, and pink or blush with the majority of pearls being white to crème. While sorting through these more common colors we occasionally see pearls with both color and eye piercing luster that we have labeled as “metallic’s". These metallic pearls come in darker body colors with what almost appears to be metallic colored overtones. 

Size: There are many categories of freshwater pearl from seed pearls to large baroques; each of the varieties has a different average pearl size. The smallest of the freshwater pearls is known as the "seed pearl" some seed pearls as small as 1mm in diameter up to about 3.5mm. Then we have an array of shapes from round, to button, drops, and ovals that range in size from 4 to about 12mm with 6-7mm being the average. Larger pearls are often baroque in shape or naturally irregular and can range in size up to 15mm and beyond. Recent culturing methods where freshwater farmers are implanting mother of pearl bead nuclei to begin the pearl growing process not unlike the south sea method have yielded rounder and larger pearls than ever before from about 10-15mm.

Shape: There is an almost unlimited verity of shapes in this pearl category but the most common shapes that you will find on are, round, oval, drop, button, and baroque.

Where Do Freshwater Pearls Come From?

Freshwater pearls come primarily from lakes in mainland China, particularly the region around Zhuji. There are lakes in Japan with small pearl productions however the production from China is vastly larger than that of any other country.

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