Golden South Sea Pearl Information

Golden South Sea Pearls, the epitome of luxury.

In the world of cultured pearls Golden South Sea's are the king. These luxurious gemstones are the largest of all cultured pearls and have been prized for their rare natural color. South Sea pearls are an iconic symbol of status and sophistication.

Why are Golden South Sea pearls so valuable?

The value of pearls is based largely on two factors, the desirability and the availability of the pearl. The golden south sea pearl is extremely rare, very difficult to produce, and highly sought after throughout multiple continents thus determining the high market value of the gemstone. It takes up to 5 years to create a single pearl and due to the volatility of the tropical region in which they are created farmers often encounter many difficulties such as typhoon and other predatory marine species in and around the pearl farms. 

Where are Golden South Sea cultured pearls from?

Golden South Sea pearls are farmed mainly in the southern region of the Philippines, an ideal location due to the nutrient rich waters and indigenous species of "Pinctada Maxima" or South Sea Pearl producing oyster. The Philippines is an archipelago made up of 7,107 individual islands surrounded by some of the most bio-diverse waters on earth second only to the Great Barrier Reef. The islands surrounding the pearl farms create barriers from the open ocean yet in-climate weather and tropical storms any typhoons can create major challenges for pearl farmers.

How to grade Golden South Sea Cultured Pearls.

Each verity of cultured pearl is graded based on the following virtues, size, shape, surface quality, color, and luster. Golden South Sea pearls are unique due to their warm natural color which ranges from a light Champaign to a deep gold. All of the grading virtues matter when determining the value of these rare pearls however the deeper golden colors are more desirable and highly sought after.