At our buyers travel direct to the source to procure the worlds finest quality pearls. It is because we travel to the pearl farms cutting out the middle men that we are able to offer the most competitive prices in the market on heirloom quality pearls.



Freshwater Pearl Necklaces



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Akoya Pearl Necklace

Japanese Akoya

Pearl Necklaces

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Tahitian South Sea Pearl Necklace

Tahitian South Sea

Pearl Necklaces

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Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

Golden South Sea

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White South Sea Pearl Necklace

White South Sea

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Galatea Pearl Necklaces

Galatea Carved

Pearl Necklaces

Galatea Carved Pearl Necklaces



Pearl knotting


All pearl strand necklaces are knotted between each pearl on silk cord. The knotting process is done by hand by our skilled craftsmen. The benefits of hand knotted strands are as follows...

1. The pearls are the perfect distance from each other as to avoid abrasions on the pearls surface by pearls rubbing together.

2. If the strand ever breaks you will not loose any pearls and will be easily able to have the necklace re-strung.

3. By knotting the strands we are able to achieve a much more luxurious feel, strands are not stiff rather your necklace will flow around your neckline.