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Where are Tahitian cultured pearls from?

Contrary to their name Tahitian cultured pearls are not actually farmed in Tahiti they are actually farmed in the islands and atolls surrounding Tahiti. Tahiti is the largest island in an archipelago consisting of 118 islands named French Polynesia. Although pearls are not actually farmed on or around the main island of Tahiti they are all sent from the smaller islands to Tahiti where they are exported. 

How valuable are Tahitian cultured pearls?

Tahitian pearls are considered the second most valuable verity of cultured pearls in the world. The value of this rare pearl type is determined largely based on the quality of the individual pearl however Tahitian pearls on average carry a higher value than Freshwater or Akoya's but are less expensive than white or golden South Sea. The average Tahitian pearl strand necklace should cost from about $3,000 to $6,000 basted on the size, surface quality, color, and luster.

What natural colors are available?

Tahitian pearls are easily distinguishable due to their dark body color and often have incredibly colorful iridescent surface overtones. The natural dark color of these pearls is due to the oyster that grows the gemstone. The Pinctada Margiritafera is the species of mollusk that is responsible for the Tahitian pearl and this mollusk has natural dark colored nacre as pictured in the image above.  

Natural Colors of Tahitian pearl include: Blue, Dark Green, Pistachio Green, Chocolate, Peacock, Black, Grey, and Aborigine.  

What sizes and shapes are available?

Tahitian pearls are among the larger cultured pearl verities second in size only to South Sea pearls. Tahitian pearls vary in size from about 8mm up to 18mm but the most common size that our farmers harvest is about 9-12mm. Pearls over 18mm have been harvested however are extremely rare.

Common shapes of Tahitian pearl include: round, ringed, button, drop, oval, semi round, and baroque.

How to grade Tahitian Cultured Pearls.

Each verity of cultured pearl is graded based on the following virtues, size, shape, surface quality, color, and luster. Tahitian pearls are unique due to the vast array of colors that are found in each harvest and while each of the virtues is important to determine the pearls value the color of pearl can also be a key factor.

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