White South Sea Pearl Information


White South Sea Pearl Information:

The limited production of White South Sea pearls coupled with the fact that they take longer to grow and are farmed in the volatile open ocean make this verity is the most rare and luxurious of all cultured pearls. The White South Sea pearl has become an iconic symbol of wealth and sophistication worn by the most elite and powerful women in the world. 


The white south sea pearl is primarily farmed off the northern coast of Australia and in Indonesia, regions home to an indigenous species of oyster known as the Pinctada Maxima or "the silver lipped oyster". Although pearls are farmed in both locations Australia is the leader in high quality production, which is why all white south sea pearls on Pearls.com are Australian.

Colors, Sizes, and Shapes:

South Sea Pearls are the largest of all cultured pearls ranging from 9-17mm and in rare cases even larger. The South Sea pearl often has a very healthy and thick nacre coating around the implanted mother of pearl nucleus. There is a wide range of shapes harvested from this pearl verity including Round, Near round, drop shaped, button shaped, oval, and baroque. The majority of South Sea pearls are off round to baroque but in rare cases symmetrical round pearls can be found and demand a premium. As the light passes through the rich layers of nacre beautiful overtones of blue, silver, green, and red can appear on the surface of these pearls. 

South Sea Pearl Value:

South Sea pearls are the most valuable of all cultured pearls. Within each pearl type the valuation is dependent upon the quality factors of each individual gem however within the world of cultured pearls the value of each pearl type is based on the pearls availability, demand, and rarity. The production of south sea pearls is very limited and higher quality pearls are timely and difficult to produce yet their remains a demand from consumers who wish to own rare and exceptional gemstones. Fine quality White South Sea pearl necklaces often range from $5,000 to $200,000 yet truly exceptional strands can demand even higher market prices.